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Anointed Elder
Concierge Services LLC

License # 235886

Lending your loved-ones a hand when they can't use their own.

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Your Loved Ones Are Safe With Us

Choosing a home care provider is a big decision. Anointed Elder Concierge Services LLC makes it easy for you with our experience and track record of excellence. We provide senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and veterans with quality customer services rooted on the premise of promoting independence and maintaining their dignity.

Explore our site to learn all about our services and call  Doris to discuss your home care needs.

Our Humble Beginnings

Anointed Elder Concierge Services LLC was founded by Doris L Warren-Hester in August 2018. It all started when her husband needed a heart transplant and her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Doris had more than 30 years of experience working in the nursing industry as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Restorative Nursing, Home Health Aid, Staffing Coordinator and CNA Supervisor, she was the one who took care of them. She realized she could offer the same care and comfort to others, so she started her own company. 

Mission Statement

To stand in the gap for families in need of care for their love ones.

Meet Our Founder

“When I was 13 years old, I recall how a hospice nurse took care of my mother. Their appearance and bedside manner inspired me to do the same and care for people in need. I was called into the service of care giving, and I’ve always known that I wanted to start my own business.

For more than 3 decades, I have lived a life in service to others. Throughout the years, I have cared for seniors, persons with disabilities, veterans, and other people in the community needing assistance. Eventually, I founded Anointed Elder Concierge Services LLC to take an innovative, holistic approach to home and community-based for consumers.

Today many people are living longer and they would like to do so in the comfort of their own  home. With aging and or developmental disabilities consumers are in need of assistance to manage their day to day activities for daily living and other areas in their life. Without help they are unable to enjoy their life fully in their homes and communities. Through my extensive experience and 

elite staff, I want to do right by the people who have sacrificed so much to build and protect our nation. We go the extra mile without cutting corners, helping maintain and enhance their self-worth and dignity.

My purpose is to pursue excellence through my company and make sure my client's journey to wholeness and healing starts here.

- Doris L. Warren-Hester

Home & Community-Based Care You Can Trust